Monday, April 1, 2013

Nelson Strike Force Bombs Westport

Last week saw Keni Duke, Barry Fitz, local pro photographer/skater Jimmy Wright and myself hit Westport with all the forecasts pointing to some tasty treats to be had.
Upon arrival we were a bit surprised at the size of the swell with T-Bay breaking in excess of 6 foot on some sets but a couple of us got out there and enjoyed a surf with about a dozen Hectors Dolphins and then retired for a lesser known break in town.
Meeting up with local Andrew Beaufort we certainly had found the pot of gold as 2-4ft peaks detonated right on the beach in front of us. Surfing until we dropped we felt like surgeons as we left the water with our theatre being a total success.
Just remember to take your board.
(above): Keni Duke at top and Andrew Beaufort below.

On the local scene a quick windswell on Easter Sunday never really eventuated to much however some eager beavers got some desperado waves at The Glen late sunday with a surprisingly hardy crew getting amongst it including Rory Dubienic, Hayden Goulding and Rachel Clark.
All of these amazing photos were taken by Jimmy Wright.
Copyright: Jimmy Jay Wright 2013

See you next swell.

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