Friday, May 24, 2013

Next Generation has Spawned.

Last year seemed a little sparse on the grom-factor and although not minding the uncrowded conditions it was a little sad to not see any young punks in the lineup. This year however is different.
Great to see a bunch of fresh new grommet faces in the water and even greater to see they have caught the bug pushing themselves into the colder months. Guys like Jack MALCOLM!!!, Jimmy Wright, Finnley Meekma, Colm Dubienic, Cameron Ford (Kaikoura import) and Tasman Andrews. Im sure theres a couple more worthy of a mention also but promising talent emerging to make sure our stock of local groms keeps pushing the hairlines of the older crew. Go Groms!
(above): This morning at Snappers....

Jokes aside, see you out there!!

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