Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exhuberance Is Best served Wet!!

(above): Russ Bruce has waited a long time for a shot like this so here it is.

A ridiculously consistent and clean groundswell over the last 3 days has left everybody totally depleted of saliva, broken bodies, broken boards and oh........ did you say photos???
I have a ridiculous amount of photos on hand so lets just roll em out.......
Hope you all got your share of waves and big-ups to Conal Parkes who was sick but decided to be a super GC and drove around filming crew surfing. Will adapt some of his results to the blog soon also.

(above): Leif Christenson on a boomerang, and some other average waves above.
A massive snow storm on the way and predicted 10metre swell right here...(note: Robin Hood bay).

(above): Russ dont surf sundays, but he blows up mondays and tuesdays.
                                  Photo Credits: Bill Evans, Cameron Ford , Lawerance of Arabia and... Mark Nichols.

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