Friday, July 26, 2013

A Problem With The Weather ?

It doesnt take a meteorologist to see an alarming trend in the weather patterns of late with another low looking to set into the northeast of the country in the coming week replicating the last weeks weather pattern. Totally uncharacteristic for this time of the year more commonly seen in summertime, this paints a pretty grim picture for Nelson's up and coming surf prospects. Thats right, do not hold your breath for the next swell here as you may turn blue and end up swimming with the fishes, sea. Snow you say?... Not that myself personally is an expert in this field but you may have noticed a rapid decline in the amount of white stuff on the hills over the last few days so that backup plan may be slowly flailing. The upside is that both West and East coasts tend to revel in these settled patterns as both coasts receive long distant,
well groomed lines. Unfortunately the only waves we may see in Nelson over the next couple of weeks will be if we get a cracker of an earthquake and the chances of that happening are, well........
Take care
(above): Rob Sheridan, GoPro Framegrab at Snappers.

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