Saturday, September 7, 2013

Get Ready to Be Blustered!

(above): James "laff" Laird's speed blur.
Thats right people, this week see's the arrival of a good old fashioned Northwesterly blast, like the ones you used to know "back in the day". Wall frames will shake, fire flue's will rattle and roof nails will tinkle and the moan of your eaves will leave you thinking there's a ghost clinging on to the side of your house.
Spring is classic for these blustery conditions, its how the seed is spread some say.
Daylight hours have finally toppled the nights so make the most of the coming early morning light before daylight savings kicks in.

(above): Jack Malcom's awkward moment, knee deep on the ledge at The Glen.
Quotes of the Week: >>> "Can we use club funds to buy some waves?" >>>>> "Maybe we can set up floodlights at The Glen and certain people can apply for permanent residency in the carpark" >>>> " I couldnt be bothered checking it this morning" (code for 'I slept in') >>>>>>>>>> "Kahutara has been pumping lately, 'did you surf it for more than half n hour?', "no it was too cold'>>>> Last but not least....." I surfed raglan 8foot so Im just gonna drive round in my heated seat rover till the water warms up"....

(above): Jim Tyson with a hint of his fathers classic style.

(above): Olin P.  Crouching Crane, hidden Dragon.
A heads up that once again on Labour Weekend ( Oct 26-28th) tha Cape Classic in Westport will roll on once again and anyone keen on getting in on the act be it as a competitor or spectator should contact me as sponsorship may be available to help with costs. Fuel/Accom/ etc. etc.

Thats about it and once again thanks to grommet Jimmy Jay Wright for more amazing photos!!!

thanks for watching

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