Monday, September 23, 2013

Psillakis and the Baker

Three years ago Mike Baker's van got broke into in the Atawhai area and his boards, wetties even Hendrix Liberache ( obscure stuff) cd's were stolen.  Mike was and has been pretty gutted the whole time about it until a couple of weeks ago Bruce Wilson was trolling through trademe and came across Mikes custom Psillakis with custom green spray. Left in the sometimes capable police hands Mike has had everything returned to him 3 years later. Surfing communities and our own Nelson surf community are pretty tight-knit and to the crooks who thought they could get away with it........what a bunch of kooks!!
Congratulations Mike on a hard fought win and big up's to Bruce for being such a board merchant!!
Sit back and enjoy this clip of Mike from 2009 ripping Snaps to Shreds and we hope to see him out there soon with more knee jarring action!!! Yeeoowww

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