Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A week in Surf City

Last thursday afternoon saw yet another big windy Norwester blast our shores with the swell picking up super fast and the only thing really on offer in the afternoon being some 4 to 6ft chunks at The Glen. As if that wasnt bad enough Friday morning saw even stronger Northwesterly gusts with venturing outside almost seeming dangerous.

I was off to to Westport at midday for the Cape Classic surf comp and as murphys law would have it, as soon as I left Richmond the wind dropped and went Southwest and the sun came out. Graeme Bird and Bruce Wilson obviously had their thinking caps on and jumped in the boat and headed over the hill and round the way and got some good overhead waves whilst the rest of the crew played catchup being joined later by Olin Pilcher and Nigel Keeley. Rabbit Island and even Tahunanui also threw down some fun waves with the offshore and high tide. Saturday morning saw some fun wind affected Snappers go down for the desperate crew who were there from first light making the most of what was left over and entering into Sunday there was still some leftovers with the swell holding a WNW direction for those who knew where to look.....

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