Sunday, October 6, 2013

Club Meet a Small Success

Saturday afternoon saw about  a dozen of us get together for a BBQ and combined with wives and children
it didnt take long for the foot traffic to become heavy. Good food and good weather made for stunning scenery and jovial conversation. Smack bang in the middle of the holidays meant a few couldnt make it but the crew that turned up were the ever-strong and thanks we had a good afternoon!!
A few conversations regarding the club went down which I will elaborate on further down the page but just firstly, a personal point of view we have approximately 35 members on the books contributing to the club each year and it kind of leaves me wondering what and why people join?? Surely its not for stickers and t-shirts so maybe its a sense of belonging which then again poses the question... what is is that you want to belong? Anyhow, one idea that arose from the afternoon was perhaps a facebook page for the club and that way more people could get involved and have input. I personally think it would water-down the boardriders site and with 2/3 of members not involved with FB maybe not that useful, however there is a Nelson Weekend Warrior FB page just developed so check it out Nelson Weekend Warrior FB Page

The one thing on everyones lips at the moment is the state of road and carpark at Snappers so anyone keen to help out with organising a fix to that and in general helping out with anything and ideas always feel free to email nelsonboardriders@hotmail dot com.

See you in the water,

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