Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 - Are you Ready For Action?

One could almost gaze into the coming weeks forecast charts and think someone was playing some kind of joke on Nelson surfers as the New Year looks set to start like no other with two large swells on their way within the first week. The point of difference with these two incoming forecast charts is that they look like the "back in the day" type blasts where Cable Bay would break every swell and Snappers would be 6ft.
(above): "Back in the day" Cable Bay.

There didnt used to be "swellmap", nor "moronweather" and the only way you knew there was going to be waves was either because your house was flooding or you read it in the Nelson Mail. One thing in particular to note about these forecasts is it HAS and IS breaking the last few years summer trends of flatness and there is one thing in particular we have also been missing in summer these last few years and we all know what that C word is.........

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