Saturday, December 7, 2013

Changing of the Guard or Revolving Door?

Sitting watching pumping Snappers on Thursday evening with my boy I couldnt help  but get a bit nostalgic as I watched what probably as a whole was the some of the best surfing I have seen going down in the water by local surfers. Uni return Marco Edwards was definately blowing up on his blue 7S fish along with Karl Sharps, Ben(Shocker)Robbo and Hayden Goulding, but not only these guys basically everyone was surfing great and it was awesome to see. Hard to watch but then again I was super surfed out from the last 24hours anyhow. Snappers had done its classic pickup the night before ... half a foot at 5pm...2ft by 6pm and some 4ft plus sets suspiciously approaching 5ft by dark. Thursday basically pumped all day although the morning session was a little bit strange due to the big tides.
It was crowded, the carpark was full and I definately pondered the possibility that perhaps this was partly my own fault due to this blog/clubs popularity ( The internet tells me to go surfing!!) combined with the fact that surfing in general along with surf forecasting has come along way in the last 5 years. The time of the year and water temperature all come into play but then again there were definately a lot of new faces in the water made up mostly of younger crew.
When I thought about it though, I remember 11 years ago not being able to find a carpark also so I guess there is no real science to it as it is the revolving door that is the Nelson surf community.

At the end of the day I turned this whole paranoia on its head and looked at the brightside.
Great to see the skill level rising, great to see young crew getting into it and even greater to see two guys at another location scoring absolutely perfect waves to themselves this same evening. Sam and Andy. you know who you are...

With that, I bid adieu.........

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