Saturday, July 26, 2014

Springy Feeling

A bit of a nasty flat spell over the last couple of weeks but at the same time some bitterly cold overnight temperatures have kind of made it not so hard to sleep in for that little bit longer and not have to worry about dawn surf checks or anything silly like that. Remember, its the working mans surf town !

The days are gradually getting longer, about seven minutes a week at present and if the forecast weather charts for the coming week have any say in the matter we may well possibly sneak out and under from this winter like MacGuyver sliding under an electric roller door.
A small low is forming in the Tasman and  expected to push a few lines our way early week , but later on, and into weekend warrior land we see some good old fashioned Spring weather with gusty Northwesterlies set to blow and perhaps on the backside of these all is not lost for the snow bunnies out there.

You already knew this anyway because like most of us you check the 7day charts like an obsessed , compulsed froth-head.
(above): The view not many of us have the time to look from.... Cable Bay...   Photo: Jimmy Wright.

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