Thursday, October 30, 2014

Photo of The Week:

Laurence Watts put his goPro to good use mid-week snapping off this gem. 

Friday Funny: Hipsters Save French Tourist

Post by Mpora.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Summer Wetsuit for Sale

Large 2mm Oneill Springsuit (short arm short leg), Excellent Condition $60bux Firm.
ph/txt 02102472729

Monday, October 27, 2014

CPL takes on the Cape Classic

Cool Story here!!! Cape Classic Round-Up

Goodbye Flatville, Hello Swell !!

After some very disheartening last couple of months Spring looks ready to do exactly that as the forecast charts light up with some good old fashioned Norwest Busters.
Not to be hard done by though some Nelson grommets have been hitting up Kaikoura over the last month or so quite regularly with great results. One such grommet in particular is Jimmy Wright pictured below winging it at Mangamanu.
So, dust off that wettie and stretch out those seagull wings and see you out there very soon!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Photo of the Week !

 Geoff Faloon from Glenduan proudly learning to surf at main beach at the ripe young age of 55.
Remember, its only the age of the person you're feeling.
Right on Geoff!!

Dont Forget Tahuna Bar.

The spit closest to Haulashore Island has got to be one of Nelsons biggest sleeping giants soon to be awakened.

How Not To Get Punched in the Head

And so it rears its ugly head again. The topic of VIOLENCE IN SURFING is once again in the mainstream press, this time courtesy of an article in the Good Weekend. There’s even talk of cops regulating lineups and licenses being required to operate surfboards. In my mind that equals a massive win for KOOKS. Because, y’see, it’s really not that hard to avoid getting punched in the head. Anyone who knows a bit about surf history and culture, who’s travelled a bit, and who enjoys the sport for what it’s worth ( i.e freedom) knows that violence, while part of the culture, is only around if you go looking for it. Follow these simple steps and we guarantee you’ll never end up on the wrong end of right hand ever again.

 1. Just because it was an accident doesn’t make it okay
. Dropping in is the cardinal sin and just because it was an accident doesn’t make it okay. In surfing there are very few accidents. Every act is the result of a decision you made, and if that decision was to not check your inside the second before you took off and it resulted in the burning of some poor bastid, then you owe that woman or man a sincere, face-to-face, heartfelt apology. Unless of course you meant to do it, in which case we’ll get to that. The same applies if you run someone over. It’s not an accident. You mightn’t have meant it but that is of little solace to the guy whose got your fin wedged in his skull. So best not to put people at risk for the sake of a wave or a turn. If you do, then be ready to deal with the consequences.

 2. The world is not fair, and neither is surfing.
 Drop all that bullshit about the waves belonging to everyone. That’s kook talk. Surfing has a tonne of rules and if you choose to ignore them, you choose to run the risk of getting punched in the head. Put simply, surfing is best understood as belonging to those who are the most skilled at it. They get a bit more leeway in terms of the amount of waves they can catch and they’re also often the start point of the pecking order. They are not above the game, however, even know sometimes they think they are. Skill plays a huge part in deciding who gets which waves, the kind of waves and set ups you should be surfing, and how you’re going to be treated at those locations. One of the biggest challenges surfing faces is its lack of formal rules or regulations. Instead it is left up to the individual to decide what their skill level is and which waves they are suitable to surf. Humans are notoriously bad at being honest with themselves, however, and it’s for this reason the threat of humiliation, intimidation and, as a last resort, violence, is sometimes necessary. What else have we got? 

3. Localism: It’s a thing. It’s always been a thing.
 Getting hassled by gangs of affluent white men is never fun. And it doesn’t really get better regardless the colour, creed or incredibly bad body odour (BBO) of the local crew in question. You must realise, however, that they’re behaving this way because they feel like they have something to protect. And that’s understandable in some ways. What I’ve also observed, however, is that while you might be able to protect your own spot, protecting your car, with its beach-identifying stickers on it, when you try and surf somewhere else is much harder. So enjoy your spot, fools. If you’re not a local it’s probably best to lower your expectations when it comes to catching sets. Best bet is to give a couple away even though you’re in the spot, act humble, and hope ‘the boys’ respect your respect. If it’s a spot you plan on going back to, I wouldn’t compete too hard first time round.

 4. Choose your battles
 So you’ve just been burned on a set you waited 15 minutes for. The guy who did it don’t really surf that well, and he’s got tears of ink running down his face plus a giant swastika on his forehead. He also knows everyone in the lineup. What do you do? Easy. You do nothing. Simply join the queue again, keep smiling, keep vibing, and wait for another bomb. Flagrant burns are often little more than a symbolic gesture to remind you of your place in the pecking order. It’s not ideal, but what is also true is that people don’t tend to want violence so if you’re a humble, quiet, chiseller and just keep putting yourself in the spot, eventually the morality of the crowd will bend your way and you’ll be treated fairly. Though there’s also the problem of these guys…

 5. The Outliers
 Humanity always has outliers but you can’t generalise off the back of their behaviour. For every bit of violence there area a million sessions that go down without incident, proving beyond any doubt that our strong sense of culture is all that we need to hold surfing together. The following people, however, really shouldn’t exist. - The local, bitter, angry kook, whose thirst for violence and domination of the lineup stems from his inadequacy on a surfboard. - Straight-up talkin-to-’emselves loonies who are tolerated for no other reason then because speaking out against them would bring their psychopathic thirst for vengeance your way. - The unemployed-local-shredder-drug-dealer who surfs all day every day and has caught two waves in every set since the autumn of ’94.

Article Stolen From TRACKS MAG DOT COM

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cape Classic Reminder: Forecast Looking Sick!!!

Just a reminder of the Cape Classic Surfing Contest in Westport this coming Labour Weekend.
Starting saturday morning at Tauranga Bay with Finals Day on the Sunday.
Anyone interested in entering please upload the entry form from here and get it away before wednesday.
(entry form at bottom of page.
The forecast is now looking increasingly great in what looks to be one of the best forecasts since 2009.
Cheap accomadation available: For more info feel free to ask ph/txt 02102472729

Friday, October 17, 2014

Nek Minnit of the Week: Graeme Bird

"Surfing along a sweet Sumatran Lefthander ....... nek Minnit"
Do not try and guess the body part.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


A Nelson College film project by Jack Malcom, Finnley Meekma and Jimmy Wright.
No Waves in Nelson from Jack Malcolm on Vimeo.

Bruce and Barrons missing Link.

Upon ordering a new custom Bruce Wilson has quickly wound up on Barron Surfboards site
with a couple of Indo shots!! check the link here: Bruce's Barron Link

Remember - Custom is king.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Could Farewell Spit be Skeleton Bay?

Ive heard a few stories and then I just saw this photo.
It could be possible... just saying...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cape Classic 2015

A quick heads up that the annual Cape Classic Surf competition will be going down on Labour weekend the 24th and 25th of this month. Any Nelson crew keen to get involved get in contact ASAP... Cheap accomadation available at Bazils Backpackers Hostel in Westport.  Always an amzingly fun event in a town that needs all the support it can get at the moment!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Daylight Savings: The workers are finally free!

A strange relief when you look at the forecasts and the tide etc, and realise that you now actually have time to slip out for a surf after dinner!! Daylight savings is absolutely amazing!!
The water gradually warms, the days lengthen and slowly but surely your surf time increases!!!
Some blustery old southwesters of late but thats what we come to expect in the height of spring!!

Grame Bird and Bruce Wilson have recently returned from Indo with a shot below and despite shedding a few kilos via the toilet bowl for the first part of their trip they were treated to day after day of pristine right handers at the infamous "Telos".
(above): Some of the terrible conditions Bruce and Graeme had to endure in Indo.

Locally, you have had to be a weather and micro climate genius to find the gold of late with shifting winds
wreaking havoc with reasonable sized swells and with more of the same forecasted lets just hope for more favourable conditions.

See you out there.!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Photo of the Week

A timeless image sent in from grommet Finnley Meekma from yesterdays wintry souwest blast.
                             THIS PHOTO HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO TAPU

Disorganised Chaos Prevails

The title says it all...... what all surfers despise the most is organisation - which is why it has taken me 14 years to realise what the N...