Monday, October 6, 2014

Daylight Savings: The workers are finally free!

A strange relief when you look at the forecasts and the tide etc, and realise that you now actually have time to slip out for a surf after dinner!! Daylight savings is absolutely amazing!!
The water gradually warms, the days lengthen and slowly but surely your surf time increases!!!
Some blustery old southwesters of late but thats what we come to expect in the height of spring!!

Grame Bird and Bruce Wilson have recently returned from Indo with a shot below and despite shedding a few kilos via the toilet bowl for the first part of their trip they were treated to day after day of pristine right handers at the infamous "Telos".
(above): Some of the terrible conditions Bruce and Graeme had to endure in Indo.

Locally, you have had to be a weather and micro climate genius to find the gold of late with shifting winds
wreaking havoc with reasonable sized swells and with more of the same forecasted lets just hope for more favourable conditions.

See you out there.!!

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