Friday, November 7, 2014

Lets talk about feelings: Summer and Cyclones.

Ok so its getting to that time of the year again where we begin to lick our lips in anticipation of the upcoming Cyclone season which traditionally began at the start of this month. As exciting as early indicators were it now seems that up until February we are in for a "less than average" occurence of Cyclones then late season this trend seems to increase to "more than average". frustrating to say the least but predicting cyclones is like predicting lottery balls.
(above): Olin Pilcher with some of the pent-up froth we all suffer from. Photo: M.Baker

Hang onto your hats here in Nelson however as all is not lost with the charts still trending towards more springtime Northwest/Southwest flows with one in particular interesting one occuring "later next week".
It has been a frustrating year in surf in Nelson in general with very few swells reaching over the head high mark and when they do they have either been plagued by the devilwind from the southwest or blown back out to sea by ridiculousy strong easterlys.

There has been waves evidentally but everyone is getting that itch for something that little more.
A couple of sneaky midweek sessions have been going down with a handy crew getting amongst it including Jackson gregory, Nick Bygate and Laurence Watts.
Rachel Clark' solo Cut effort in a kayak board in tow would also have to make the list along with the ever faithful Snappers lords battling the Southwest corregations in an effort to be king of the peak.

It can be very easy to just let it all slip by in Nelson but remember... you have to be in it to win it.
Like the hardy crew that paddled to the Cut sunday night in 40knot winds only to have to paddle back cos it was hardly even average.... same boys scoring epic waves mid monday morning.... food for thought.

See you out there.

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