Thursday, December 4, 2014

And The Sea Will Tell

The end of the  year is winding down and one of the most significant low pressure areas since Easter's Cyclone Ita still remains lingering off Australias east coast.So, when will it make its move across the Tasman Sea?? This is the question...Can you feel the suspense? I certainly can! Looking ridiculously like 2011's December storm we look set to finally get some rain but lets hope not too much at once. There has been way too much quiet times surf wise, and there is only so many 1 to 2ft windswells a person can handle before they retire to extra-curricular activities such as wind-wanking and professional beer drinking. Everyone is congregating on Nelson from far and wide for the silly season and you can bet the next swell will be met with insanely larger crowd numbers and equal enthusiasm like never seen before.
Its a love/hate time of year for surf-city and I cant wait to see you all out there in the most ridiculously crowded and pumping sessions!!! Bring it On!!

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