Monday, December 15, 2014

Let the Festivities Begin.

So.... unless youve had your head buried in the sand or been so busy you dont know whether you are Arthur or Martha it seems we are in for a decent run of swell heading up to Xmas.
multiple systems starting to align with even the chance of waves Christmas Day which believe it or not ... happens more often than not.!!!  A special Christmas Message update to be compiled at the end of the week so stay tuned because if you feel like being offended there is an annual "Roasting" of just about everyone and remember if you cant have a laugh at yourself then, who can you laugh at..... dont say you havent been warned but remember,,,, all light-hearted humour and names will be left out to provide those with sufficient paranoia to fill in the gaps.. wink wink nudge nudge... let it begin!!!
Cheers for tuning in and look forward to the best waves in over 6 months heading our way shortly!


  1. You write something about me and I'll drop in on you and burn your house down

  2. Was talking to jim hickey, he said u suck at predicting waves, think its time u shut your mouth and open yours eyes, or I'll burn ya 6'2 as a sacrifice to the waves gods for your outlandish jibberish


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