Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Respect the Tee-Pee

Can you put something in the Boardriders site about looking after the Tepee please? Ive just come back from there and taken home a ton of rubbish people have left inside - 15 empty beer bottles, two bags of uneaten marshmallows, candles, plastic bottles and other shit. I have left a sign in there asking people not to light fires inside and not to leave their rubbish behind. If they keep lighting fires DOC will pull it down for sure because of the BBanks World Heritage status. I know this stuff is bound to happen with low-lifes and dickheads using it along with other, more thoughtful and aware people, but if surfers at least can respect it and ask other people to as well, that would be a start aye. Thanks Bud, nice to see you guys today! Happy Christmas! The surf wasnt quite big enough to get me in there, but it was close, lol! -Mike

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