Monday, January 26, 2015

Hang On I thought it was Flat?

A sneaky lazy groundswell since Saturday has helped sooth the flat sea burn with some reasonable chest high sets sneaking into the bay, Saturday morning possibly the pick but Monday nights session certainly yielded some fun ones also. A deep Northern Tasman Sea low pressure system was responsible and for those who still use isobar knoweledge to forecast were well rewarded.


  1. Looks crap az, what's the point in writing about this. Marky mark; think it time u stoping typing on the World Wide Web about nelsons crap waves, admit defeat. And SUP your life away

  2. dont make me deep heat your paddle bro.

  3. That's not very nice mate. My paddle is carbon fibre and can handle the most hectic conditions if u know what I mean. How bout I deep heat the inside of your wetty; balls deep land barrels bra!!

  4. Due to the amazing run of flat conditions over the last 6 months NELSON SUP are going to have a sacrificial surfboard burn off. This will be a profound 'thank you' gesture to the ocean gods for keeping nelson flat as a pancake and amazing for SUPing. If you have any boards under 7 ft you want to donate please arrange pick up via Marky mark. Come on guys! lets get fire wise!!!


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