Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Song Remains The Same

Greetings surf children. Hopefully we have all replenished our bodies after that torrid run of super fun surfs over the last few weeks and you're all ready and raring to go for the next installment which by the sounds of things getting blown around outside my house as I wait for the sun to rise could be as soon as today.
The short daylight hours at the moment have definately pigeon-holed a lot of us with work commitments but slowly the cycle moves forward and we should see some weekend swells coming to us soon so hang in there.
(above): . Nate Torvik, Cable Resident feeling right at home... Photo: Richy Norton

What else has been happening lately?... well then why dont we get back to some good old fashioned .....

Rumour Mill :

>>>...Who is the local kaikoura lad and current south island surfing champion looking set to move to Nelson for the winter bound to make even our most introverted surfers even more so???...>>>>>>Who's the 3 guys who bought SUP's over the last 6 months and now dont know which board to ride when the waves come up? >>>>>Who is the Darth Vader of Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Nelson seen hanging out with Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Crew out at Snappers on a shortboard in recent swells... wonders never cease!! ...and last but not least.....who's the grommet who smashed the crap out of his fin box then tried to blame it on the guy that fixed the plug?.......far out, grommets these days.<<<<<<<<<<,

A final closing farewell to grommet Finnley and his immediate family as they embark on a 6 month sojourn to Amsterdam and greater Holland.
take care over there grommet. ..... we want to see you back, and by the way I have a friend who has a bodyboard bag for you to bring back for me so I will see you in 6months time,,,,, Cheers !!

Thats enough banter from me,

All in good humour people so see you in the water hopefully sooner rather than later.


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  1. hope mum sets the alarm clock, don't want to miss that plane


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