Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lets Elaborate and Use Nelson as the Example.

Good Morning folk and folklore.
Just mulling over my first cup of coffee for the day and half thinking of going for a dawn surf session before work but alas, pre-school drop off commitments and a 9am work start have me handcuffed but hey, at least the idea is there!!. Upon sifiting through the early morning internet grinds I aptly stumble across a surfer mag related article which I have linked below which largely dis-credits the joy of the dawn patrol.
Some totally worthwhile and slightly humorous reading however upon finishing the article I realised, and those of you who know me that I am the ultimate dawn patrol surfer. Quite often setting my alarm a good 90 minutes before sunrise allowing a good breakfast and plenty of time to do a poo and get suited up indoors if its winter. Waves in Nelson are a gift horse and with most breaks being so tidal a mere hour of tardiness in surf prep can mean you miss the best part of a session.
There is nothing more satisfying then scoring a summer dawny at 530am with just one or two other guys then watching everyones confused gaze as you gently saunter back to the carpark whilst the crowd begins to arrive in droves by 830am . If you play your cards right you are probably already preparing your next surf and if you start the day early you can experience something called crowd shift so by the time you are ready for your next surf everyone that crowded it up in the morning is now mass exiting the water. A lot of you already know this... it adds to the ultimate chess game that surfing in Nelson and crowd avoidance can be but dont get stuck playing the pawn......

5 Lessons From A Week Of Dawn Patrol | SURFING Magazine

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