Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Club Sub Drive

Hi Folks , just been mulling over the last years club sub's and it seems we only have 6 paying members as opposed to original 30 or so... Pretty keen to get some more t-shirts or hoodies and beloved bumper stickers printed but this involves ample club funds. Club account details below.

Account Name: Nelson Boardriders Surf Club
> > Account: ANZ 01 0702 0238590 00
> > use name as reference
> >
> > 12months sub = $25.00

Please note there is no pressure to pay nor join just follow your heart.....

kind regards,


  1. ha guys does any one have a contact or no any one who does repairs fix ups
    Took the mal out for a blast the other day and rod into the rocks and banged it up a bit
    Thanks heaps nick

  2. Couldn't find anywhere else to put this up sorry


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