Sunday, July 19, 2015

Forget TC Pam - Tasman Low Takes Over!!

(above): Six Foot Snaps and One Guy Out!..... Photo: Damir Kolonic
Watching the latest low rip across the Tasman Sea in 24hours was quite amazing. With feelings that it could produce a swell bigger and better than earlier in the week's 6 foot power swell it was also unimagineable but alas, the isobar wind quills had winds in this low exceeding 55 knots. Most swell forecast sights were pretty slow on the uptake with this swell and only those with some old school weather nouse were on the spot for this doozy of a swell which lets face it... and try argue the point if you like. Pretty much put Cyclone Pam to bed.
(above): This guy even got married on this sandbar..... Photo: Jordy Soole

(above): Cable Bay All Day...... Photo: Colm Dubienic
It just goes to show that you really do never know your luck in Surf City. The craziest thing about this swell was lack of crowds and evidence grew throughout the day that basically everyone was spread out with crew surfing Snappers at 6foot with only a couple guys out, Cable Bay and Delaware Bay likewise.Even Rabbit Island and Tahunanui Beaches were pumping basically absolutely everywhere was pumpingg!! The lack of people in the water was astonishing and. well..... maybe it was just that little bit too cold naaaawwww coochie-coo !!!!!

Awesome day boys and girls!!! Super Stoked.
(above): The Serenity.....   Photo: Mike Baker

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