Friday, July 10, 2015

You Love Surf City Nelson.

Sit back and have a good old think about surfing in Nelson and a wry little grin will appear upon your chin... Sure we may not get waves everyday but you tell me a place that does?..This whole little spill stems from midweek conversations with a couple of groups of people who are heading away from Nelson, one lot to the snow and the other to Indo and overseas.. As jealous as I am I had to throw in the old "but you're gonna miss next weeks swell", line and funnily enough it is enough to make any die-hard Nelson frother absolutely cringe. As much as we pine over the "next week's" forecast, the next swell always does come. The pre-swell tension starts to build and when the swell finally arrives we are all such a happy bunch we are like kids to a bouncy castle.
(above): Geoff Noble bringing back the fun.... Photo: Jordy Soole.

This blog contains a "sitemeter" and the 2nd most popular overseas country that visits is Indonesia.
I mean really, who sits in Indo wondering if theyre missing a Nelson swell...???  I know I probably would...

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