Saturday, September 19, 2015

Spring Is a busy time!!

Howdy Surflings, not too many updates of late as Spring seems to have sprung and everything is full on!!
Its almost as if we all look round and think "what...spring already? , but the years nearly over, better get some stuff done"!!!
Lucky for us here in surf-city , Huey the god of surf has also decided we need to get stuff done on the home front with no surf forecast for at least the next fortnight maybe even 3 weeks! The last couple of swells have been a little bit of a wind-down indicating that infact how consistent run through Winter may all be about to abrubtly stop!!

On the club front, Trudie Pegg the new secretary/treasurer has been more than pro-active raising over 500bux for the club in only a few weeks and if you are one of the crew to sign your life away paying your subs on time then there is a t-shirt here with your name on it!!! We will be in contact!
So, the plan after the school holidays is to pick the eyes out of the next weekend swell and hold another club day/ competition so keep your eyes peeled for something going on in October some time we would hope!!

(above): Hossegor, France.
 Travel Wise, Jimmy Wright and Finnley Meekma are like Bill and Ted on an excellent adventure through France at the moment heading through to Spain and have been stuffing there faces with baguettes and the like trying to gain some weight after too much time in Amsterdam.
Bruce Wilson and Raef Murray are both off to Rarotonga (seperately) whilsts Dale Cooley and family are soaking up some of that Samoa'an flavour as I type.

A week of easterly winds ahead and that can only mean one thing. Im off to the west coast.


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  1. Don't forget to check the surf in New Caledonia ...... it has been good.


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