Friday, September 4, 2015

Warning Shot:

Written by Bill Evans-

Here we have this gutsy 15 year old Emma Pegg who does not have a drivers license persuading  her mother to get up early with snow on the ranges, take her to Schnappers at dawn, telling her Mum that as soon as she get’s a license she will be taking off on her own to surf. She was the second surfer to arrive at the beach. I understand she can get seasick when surfing, but she has got the bug and has not been put off wanting to surf because of this.
With a number of women coming to the fore surfing in NZ and Aussie in the last couple of years, just image where  Emma might be in a couple of years time. Schnapper’s Nelson Boardriders  and perhaps that blogger man Mark might even get mention and noticed too.
I say to the NelsonBoardriders encourage  and support this young lady and claim her as your own - now.

Best wishes Bill Evans.

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