Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wild. Windy and Wooly!!

(above): Darryn "Dazza" Fitzgerald bringing one around at a lesser known boulderbank break Photo: Jordy Soole.

Howdy everybody!! Some real hit and miss surf of late has been enough to drive even the most permanent frother to drink as bad winds and even worse corresponding tides have been cursing us of late but never fear, The change is in the air and the sea as warmer water is now causing some unstable low pressure cells to form on top of Tasman frontal systems and looking forward over the next couple of weeks we may see a fair bit more swell action from the Northwest but disecting the wind changes will be the key to success. Finding those windows of glassiness and coinciding with the tides will be the real challenge!!
(above): Loving this shot of Graham Bird standing tall as this wave detonates on the bricks.

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