Friday, January 15, 2016

Surf City Back With a Vengeance......

(above): Prime Smoke Schnapper...   Photo: Mammoth

It seemed only about 3 weeks ago we were all having a cry about the lack of surf lately and then all of a sudden as the unpredictable Surf City does...... it all got turned on its head.
It all started a couple of days out from New Years day with a small goundswell from sub tropical low just shy of being a cyclone then before we knew it we got smashed by a blustery Northwester with that one particular afternoon producing the goods at a "mythical" rivermouth...

The above mentioned surf was rather thick crowd wise with numbers around the 25 mark but there were plenty of waves to be had and everyone left the water stoked and Mike Baker even had time to produce this little clip shot from his goPro.

Now if thats not enough to fuel your fire then last week Cyclone Ulu hovers about overhead sending down some delectible delights in the form of a super clean groundswell with the Thursday morning just about as good as waves get in the 4ft range there were even some tubes on offer...

So you could say its been a great start to the year and remember
...."you never know your luck in Surf City"

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