Monday, January 23, 2017

Hit the ground Running 2017

I hear a lot of people complaining lately "Where is our Summer?"... Now obviously they are not surf city surf fiends because if you have stuck around Nelson for the last few weekes it has done nothing but reign swell supreme with back to back to even back! Consistent swell on tap since the New Year with someone I know having had 16 surfs already this year not including half a dozen surf lessons thrown in along the way!!!
Apologies for not updating this blog more regularly of late but from now on a more concerted effort to do so.
(above): Only those in the know when its time to Go !! - Photo-Raoule Caroule
Our luck began New Years Day and since then we have had a super consistent run with most of us getting our fair share and with sudden southwest changes the crowd shift has been over the hill more often than not with crowds of 20plus fighting like seagulls over chips as the local bar deals out happy hour,
(above): When it does clean up... So does Brucey on the spot : Photo: Dharan

To cut a long story short its been a cracker of a start to the year and with a few crew heading off to the Duke surfing festival in a few weeks followed by the Cape Classic late February it looks set to get busier another flick through on the cards tommorow so hopefully see you out there amongst it.

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