Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mini Meetings and Findings.

Just thought I should share a bit of my findings over the past few days in regard to the Nelsonboardriders surf club.

Basically, surfers are non-fuss people and organizing a surf club is a  bit like trying to get the lead singer of a grunge band to wear a suit.
We had a little bit of a get together friday evening and things such as "blanket sponsor" and "make the club bigger and better" were some focus topics and whilst all this sounded great after speaking to a great friend and business mentor yesterday I was eluded to the point of........why !!??
The quote was "dont set yourself up for a fall"... and then the old fashioned, if its not broken dont fix it came about.

I was then made aware that people love the club for what it is, GrassRoots.
The problem we face is having some play money to do projects with.. but then this friend of mine posed another question and the bizarre thing was that I had no answer to it,.,,

The question was "If I gave the club 100k" what would you do with it??
... I had no answer.... because I didnt know....

Pop up gazebo for shitty weather snappers for the mums and the spectators was about it,,,,
Basically a shipping container in the carpark with all our shit in it....

This is where I hand the microphone over to you guys...

Please email with your thoughts and feelings...



President- Nelsonboardriders Surf Club

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  1. If the club was given 100k I think a) a portion of that could ear-marked only for travel to contests and selected aspects of that surrounding accommodation, etc b) a couple of robust weather-proof gazebo/tents with walls against wind would be good - the Tepee is small and draughty! c) soft boards could be bought for beginners classes and money put towards that and also include fuel to get to Rabbit Island or Tahuna and back, a trailer for the boards, a selection of warehouse wetties d) social events e) T shirts and logo bumper stickers f) adverts in the Nelson Mail flagging club classes on the beach when there is going to be surf g) Decent prizes for club comp winners (like commission Geoff Noble to do paintings - reckon this would be wicked!) h) pay for the goddamn road to Snaps to be sealed :)


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