Friday, August 4, 2017

If there was a problem Yo' ill solve it.

Check out my hook whilst the Dj Revolves....... Ahem*

A bit of spite going down in one of our carparks last swell I hear. All in regard to catching waves.
Its all a bit silly if you step away and look at it from the outside but if youre right in the mix of it then yes of course it can be pretty annoying if someone repeatedly catches the best wave in every set..every time....

What can be done about it?... Well you could just drop in but then you become just as bad as the person hogging all the waves or do you?...also this can be dangerous especially if theyre riding rather large equipment be it a mini-mal, sup, or mal. You could just surf somewhere else?.... but you shouldnt have to

A little bit of communication can go a long way, and from my own point of you its like this.
It is not a lunchline, If you want the best wave in every set you have to be right up there as the start of that line where the wave first breaks. You cant sit on the shoulder and complain you arent getting any waves cos thats like standing on the sidelines at a rugby game complaing you didnt get a try.
As they do in Indonesia,, emply the take turns method.
If old mate hasnt had a wave for a while then encourage him onto one.

Sharing is caring people. If you want waves to yourself then dont surf the most crowded break in town. Its that easy.

Have a great week in the water.

*note: this is all my opinion only (below): Float the Boater
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