Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wake Up, Grab a brush and put a little Makeup.

Whoa Snap Out of It Nelson !!...... Whats been happening lately you say..??
Well infact not a freaking lot on the home turf to be honest.... but on the extremeties there has been some busy beavers !!
(above): Wake Up Mini !!
. First up Raul Ventura has been chasing the grom circuit around the south island and now with only one final event left in the Grom Series next weekend Raul currently is situated 4th in the ratings out of 20 for the under 18 groms out of the whole south island. The effort is fully commendable and shows what putting your head down and commiting both in and out of the water you really can achieve results.
Make sure you give the baby bru a slap on the back next time you see him.

Now secondly, our beloved yet departed Ben Windmill is back down South but flying the flag for Nelson Boardriders at the Colac bay classic last weekend and again this weekend at the South Island Champs. Good luck to guy and thanks for keeping your NBR rep,

Locally, a few boys are off to Indonesia in a few days including Olin Pilcher, Barry Fitzgerald and Keni Duke and despite the boys scoffing about it we all know what will happen when they leave...... Nelson will pump !!! and why would that even bother them you might ask? dont you worry I have the data counts on how many hits the Nelsonboardriders site gets grom Indonesia and abroad and the results are astounding. Jokes aside, wishing the boys some hell times and great waves.

OKay so locally, the waves have been less than average since Cyclone Gita failed to deliver any substanial goods with a couple of odd1-2ft windswells and another puffy one predicted for easter saturday  which brings me to my next topic...... Nelson Boardriders Pre Winter Club Day.

Basically the next weekend swell that falls between now and the end of April hoping that one does we will march full steam ahead and have a club/comp day at either Rabbit Island or Snappers condition and tide dependant ,,,  also a NBR AGM is also at Code Red Point and possibly looking at the second weekend into april for someone to host one somewhere round 15th 16th.

Aaaah Yibbidy Yibbida,  Thats all for now folks !!

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