Monday, May 7, 2018

Disorganised Chaos Prevails

The title says it all...... what all surfers despise the most is organisation - which is why it has taken me 14 years to realise what the Nelson Boardriders Club is actually about.... breathe deep and dig in.
(above): Names to be Confirmed - This is what its all about people.

Ok so I guess this is waht happens when you order 60 sausages insead of 200.....
What an AMAZING DAY on Sunday for our Club BBQ get-together,.. at one stage I counted 40 frothing little and big kids in the water along our section of beach frontage ( where we were set-up) and how I dont attribute everyones attendance to our club thing I do think 80percent of the crew there were part of it..... and the word of mouth got around amongst the young crew and it brought out exactly what this club is and is not about.
First and foremost. Enjoying Surfing. Then sharing that enjoyment with new-comers and alongside your more experienced of surfing friends who are telling tall stories and just relishing in all that is soothing about our salty pastime.

Nelson will never be able to hail a super established surf club like the likes of our more consistent of coastal neighbours such as the Christchurch and Buller Crew because basically because we lack consistency of surf. When you couple that with the fact that surfers are generally lacklustre when it comes to organising mostly anything due to the fact that we like to leave ourselves open to last minute spontanaity...... aint that the truth.

So, without further ado heres a couple of outcomes from the weekend.
First up, a massive and huge thank you to our club treasurer/secretary Trudie Pegg who will be standing down from this position come the start of June and completion of the Kaikoura Coldwater Classic.
Basically she has had enough of you disorganised lot and has a bruised forehead from banging her head against the wall repeatedly but more importantly the end of the year will see her daughter Emma leaving school and quite possibly leaving our wee little town and therefore theres not so much of a vested interest for Trudie any longer however she has hinted at a new surf photographer career path.
Massive thank you to you Trudie from myself personally and from everyone involved in the club, as having you on board ( see what I did there) has been an amazing ride ( and again ) and it has been great to see a bit of push and shove where there was need be - and your efforts have been crucial to the club as it stands now.

Where does the club stand now?
After the weekends outcome we have never looked better.
So many newcomers to the beach and good to see some old faces back involved. We look to have a meeting mid JUNE and I rally all parents of new comers to consider taking up a serious position within the club .

Yes but what is the Nelson Boardriders Club?
Most of the time..... nothing.- but some of the time Everything.

NELSONBOARDRIDERS - "Making Average Surfers Look Reasonable since 2005"

Peace out.

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