Thursday, June 7, 2018

Keeping it Simple.

Good afternoon surflings.We hope you are keeping warm on this deceptively not warm kind of day. Sure it is sunny but step into the shade for a moment brother/sister and you will know what I mean.
Above: Best Part of SISA contests is hanging with crew from all over, Nelson, Greymouth , Piha you name it their in there!
Right without further ado a quick spill on the Coldwater Classic , lets just say the Nelson crew did exceptionally well for the first time ever all competitors made their heats on the first day meaning we got to surf the contest the second day. Josh Sheridan raised his own bar and went on a Tear plowing through 3 heats on the first day lifting the rest of the Nelson crews' performance big time and with grommet Raul Ventura being pitted against myself in an early heat their were in-house bets on who would take down who but lets just say in the end common sense prevailed!! Wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean.

So with contest finishing up and our club finishing second on the quiz night to make up for our water skills it was an awesomely great and fitting send-off to our club treasurer/sec Trudie Pegg who is handing in her badge and gun as club treasurer.

What this means in the interim is myself, el-president'e is going to call some shots whilst we seek a new and worthy replacement for Trudie.
Basically, club subs are mostly due for most crew but this time we are lucky enough to have a giant box of wax so basically if you pay your subs we will send you 2x blocks of wax as an enticement to pay, all you need to do is pay your subs to this account ANZ nelson Boardriders surf club 010702 0238590 00 .... use name as reference then either facey message your address or email it to nelsonboardriders @ hotmail dot com ...........

Its not rocket science so rather than you guys asking if your subs are due perhaps check your own bank statements via search and if you havent paid in the last 12 months or even 10 months then perhaps just do the conscience thing and pay up , I am not going to police payments as its you guys who are dedicating the dosh but dont be surprised if I pull that "free sausage" out of your mouth next club day !!! 

JJokes Aside.
*We are looking at a club contest mid august til mid september .
*Expressions of interest for club tres/sec welcome.

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