Where to Surf

Ruby Bay: A fun soft lefthand sand poinbreak, great for beginners and often uncrowded. Approximately 30minutes from Nelson city and well worth the drive. Breaks best on mid-high tide.

Rabbit Island: The ultimate fun time wave and awesome beginners wave Rabbit Island or "Rab-Eyes""as it is affectionately known is a long stretch of sandy beach containing multiple slow moving peaks. Best on mid-high tide Rabbit island is fun for the whole family.

Tahunanui Beach:  Situated right in the heart of the city Nelson's Tahunanui Beach provides a multitude of
 beach break namely best on the rocks road corner or the opposite end of the beach.
 Also an excellent beginners wave although needs larger swells to gather size.
 Best in all conditions and tides...........

     The Cut:  The harbour entrance of Nelson haven consists of two breaks both existing at either
 end of the tide. Extremely dangerous tides and extremely large ships make this wave only for the intermediate to advanced surfer. Access by boat or Kayak is suggested.  

    Little Rincon/ The lighthouse: Much in the same league as the Cut.  Intermediate to advanced surfers only as dangerous currents make for tricky situations. Access by Boat and Kayak is also suggested.                          

   Snapper Point: The "epi-centre" of Nelson surfing, Snapper's  is by far the most busiest place to surf in Nelson. Crowds often into the mid 20's make it more of an obstacle course although a brilliant wave featuring a right and left hand peak setup on boulder rock reef. Fun for all skill levels although easy to get run over by another surfer...... Snappers holds any size and once it gets overhead the crowd tends to wither!

The Glen: Situated at the northern end of the Boulder Bank. The Glen features fast breaking right handers over shallow rock ledge. Deceptively friendly and can drill you into the rocks before you've had a chance to say "oh my face"!!  Intermediate to advanced skill level required and best on mid to lower tides.

Cable Bay: A bit of a further drive past the Glen you will find Cable Bay, A shallow ledging lefthand point/reef , breaking on both ends of the tide Cable Bay is not for the faint-hearted breaking incredibly close to the rocks there is no room for error. Intermediate to Advanced skill level is required.


Delaware Bay  Situated near Cable Bay, Delaware is an incredibly fickle rivermouth break requiring all the planets to align to break. Plagued by tidal currents it is best to surf this place on the slack tides. Best suited to experienced surfers although sometimes the beach breaks can provide fun beginners waves.
A long walk through estuary , a long paddle through water on the high tide. Use extreme caution.

Whangamoa: Access via Hori Bay forestry road, Whangamoa is a semi secret somewhat mythological break with access often blocked due to logging operations. Pull over on the corner overlooking the beach and find the track down... Half the fun is getting there........ Also tidal , use extreme caution and avoid outgoing tides.

Note: This page is only a guide and nelson boardriders recommends using all available weather resources and warnings in place before venturing.


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