Thursday, May 6, 2010

The life of a Nelson frother....

So it begins early week with the 7-day forecast charts showing signs of promise for an upcoming swell. Once this seed of optimism is firmly implanted in the brain it gradually takes hold like a disease and before you know it you find yourself checking forecast maps and swell charts at any time you can, hanging out for that next 12 hourly update like a junkie waiting for his next fix.
Approaching the middle of the week it looks inevitable that a swell for Nelson is most definately on the way although the amount of let downs you have endured should have you not counting your chickens before they hatch but the excitement out-weighs the past and within two days of a predicted bump up from flatville you are well and truly a blithering mess of adrenalin fuelled surf stoke.

Barely able to concentrate on anything but this swell, its a day away and you are alreading waxing and/or de-waxing your board and punishing yourself watching surfing movies over and over again. Hang on a minute.... maybe the swell has come early!,, so you rush down to the beach only to find that it is still flat and even though this totally compliments the forecast you begin to feel a little confused and woozy.
Back home again and you have turned your wetsuit in the right way and even dried out the inside of your booties. Checking your leggie string and fins and everything is set to go.

Now you sit and wait..... how will you get through this one last night???

After what seemed like an eternity of pretending to sleep amongst some vivid surf nightmares of backwards wetsuits and broken surfboards you awake and find that its only 4am and will not get light for nearly another 3 hours. None of this matters anymore because you are up and ready eating your breakfast and watching some more last minute surf media and you know that before long all your Nelson surfing desires will be fullfilled.

Its sometimes a long wait between surfs here in Nelson but when it is on....... I wouldnt want to live anywhere else!!!

- See you in the water.

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  1. we have a writer in our midst. This letter qualifies for the surf mags letter of the month,sunday star times,and other media in the market.
    I wait with baited breath for more of this inspirational script.


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