Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekly Re-Cap -Surf City Stories

Greetings Surflings!!, and isn't it about time we were well and truly rewarded four the inconsistency of the last 18months?!!. This spectacular low which has been bringing us swell on and off for a week is amazingly reversing in a clockwise motion and lining us up again for the weekend. In actual fact on saturday night it will basically be back in the position it has been in twice already!! Bizarre.
So, I guess strolling back through the week brings me to Sunday where literally everywhere was on fire, from 5ft Snappers where the morning glassy session was one to be most remembered with "real life" tubes going down. Standouts on this morning included Chris Saunders, Andrew "Skip" Ridderhoff and even Scotty Edwards deserves a mention with his no-holds barred wave warriors tube and off the top attacks.

Within a couple of hours the crowd began to get a little ridiculous. Ive been told to mention the "etiquette" of surfing this week and I guess it comes down to being rational and either calling the wave as yours if your inside or telling someone to go if your not gonna'make it... Snappers has a section on the takeoff and quite often waves are wasted from people pushing too deep. Surfboards are dangerous weapons in the water as proved in Wellington last year so just take a bit more care. There are plenty of other spots to surf around the place when Snappers is that size too... so be open minded. No point going surfing if it just leaves you frustrated and angry now is there?

Snappers cranked all day Sunday along with Cable Bay , The Glen , Delaware bay and even Ruby Bay...
Olin Pilcher and Jesse James also lucked into The Cut on the lowtide,,, out of a Rubber Ducky naturally.

Monday was on again with some leftovers up for grabs, Russ Bruce and Rachel Hills dominating the fading conditions.

Moving through the week brings me to yesterday (thursday) , where an epic session went down at the cut in the morning. Heaving tubes testing the likes of Fitzy, Keni, Scotty , Russ, Hylkema , Nige Keeley , Olin and myself....
So many Beatdowns and broken boards but a session to be remembered for a long time. Not sure if Keni has removed the stick from his butt yet after snapping it off on a mis-timed paddle out..... funny stuff boys, funny stuff.....

The afternoon saw Jeremy Pooley and "tow partner" towing into the cut.

Looking good again for the weekend so stay tuned for some more surf city action!!!


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