Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Snow Cap , I mean Re-Cap !!

So we ended up doing six flat days but then good old surf city turned it all back on again on monday.From about lunch time monday the swell started to really pulse and by dark was in the 4-5ft range. The bigger the swell got the more favourable the wind became!!
Waves were enjoyed by most of the hardy crew including Rich Barry's marathon 5 hour session. Frosty literally snapped his paddlestick and had to resort to shortboard tactics to which Neil Tyson commented... "See, now doesnt that feel a whole lot better!" -
Peter Hay was ruthless taking whatever came his way in an animalistic clinical kind of way, the older boys had a winge about crowds because they kept pushing eachother too deep and Birdy flew back to the Glen and surfed in solace.
The groms came out after school and stirred the pot.
The work crew came out after 4 and by then it was heaving on the inside rock ledge.

A few frothers hit it up again tuesday but it was only a dream and the windchill factor made it a rather bad dream....

Anyhow, winter just came and king-hit us yesterday and pretty soon we will all be looking for excuses not to surf..... Snowboarding theres a good start....

Bye Bye!!!

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