Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ATTENTION: Stolen Surfing Gear

Every Nelson surfer who reads this spread the message and we will get these low-lifes....

-Hi Guys, last night some bastards broke the lock off my van tailgate and stole all my surfing gear: board and bag, wetsuits, fins, helmets - everything. Plus CDs and other precious things that I had left in there. Right outside the house. So I guess Robbie and I wont be doing any surfing for a while now. Unbelievable. Can you please publish this on the site Mark and both of you pass it around everyone? That would be great. My board is Mike Psillakis (Manly, Sydney) 6'4" thruster with a green deck and green tailpatch. It has the maker`s name on it and also 'For Mike' written down the stringer. There wont be another one like it. Black boardbag. E Bomb Ripcurl winter wetsuit, 2mm summersuit, Two pairs of black and yellow (med) and black and orange (small) Viper fins, two pairs of orange Da Fins, a 3mm summersuit, a 3mm shorty, two Gath helmets, black and grey.
Many Thanks,
- Mike Baker

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