Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grommet says Thankyou.

-Jim Tyson here,
As you probably know myself Marco, Liam, Jason and Mark went down to kaikoura on queens birthday weekend for the Kaikoura coldwatersurfing competition. With the help from all the members of "boardriders" and John Hogey this was made ALOT easier. I'd like to thank Nelsonboardriders and the members of the crew who helped to pay our entry fee into the competition, Hogey who generously paid for a tank of fuel, Jason Hylklema who took his car and recieved a flat battery, and a speeding fine for his efforts, and lastly Mark, who as "camp/trip leader" organized the trip and allowed us to have and fun, relaxed trip.
(above) Marco Edwards -entering the thunderdome.

We all had a flippin' mint time from what I saw, we surfed the entire time with awesome, clean swell in the freeeeezing water and tried our hardest but seemed to get "schooled" from most of the competition (next time we'll get them though!) I myself definately had an awesome trip, we met some new people (30 american female tourists) and we have all definately improved our surfing skills.
I'd like to thank you on behalf of all of us who went to Kaikoura as out trip was made alot easier with your help, it was a great experience,

(above) -Liams frozen wetsuit.

As i'm unsure how to repay you guys I will let you drop in on me as many times as you'd like (well, in moderation) and will try to limit the number of groms out in the water by spreading stories of sharks and crazy locals at snappers.

Thanks A BUNCH
Jim Tyson

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  1. Thats strange jim,,, american tourists?? all I remember was seeing all you boys squished into a hot tub with a muslim guy from Arizona!!!


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