Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Laziness of it all....

Thats right folks, Winter time is definately here with the highest temperature recorded in Nelson today a balmy 8 degrees !! The shortest day of the year fell yesterday so I guess that is one positive as the days will now finally start getting longer.
(above) Some Snap...

On the surf front its been a bit hit and mix the last couple of weeks with "Surf City" still staying true to form with the 6th successive swell in as many weeks with one remarkable friday (11th) surprising many with a solid 4-6ft swell with only half a dozen guys or so scoring some incredibly clean and pumping Snappers in the morning then alterior destinations in the afternoon as the southwest wind started to groom the swell some more.
The full functionability (made up word?) of Frosty's SUP was seen on the friday at Snappers as he paddlesticked himself into some bombs and Ive gotta hand it to the man, he was pulling some awesome early lines.. unfortunately for Frosty he later pulled his knee and ankle and had been walking like a visitor to brokeback mountain for the next few days after.
Russ Bruce layed down some solid turns as did Keni and Dylan Goulding and the evergreen Richard Barry took some awesome drops. Conal Parkes was smiling ear to ear as the boys couldnt believe the size , consistency and lack of crowd.
The next day still saw a solid 2-3ft swell running and the weekend warriors were out in force battling the 15 knot west southwest winds while Rachel Hills and Julian Clark scored some cheeky clean empty walls over the hill.

(above) Ben 'shocker' Robertson carving a Snappers left to death!!

Moving through to the weekend just gone and a chunky windswell lit up on saturday morning and Marco Edwards, Joe Leeper, myself and a few crew got to surf the novelty break "Ulu's2" as the tide was too low for the nearby break and later that afternoon Scotty Edwards, Keni, Joe and Andy " am I in your way?" Harrington scored some goodies out at the cut. Sunday morning saw a horrific nor/noreast wind spoiling the plans of many so the good old Glen played shelter and a fun desperado surf was had by many including a freshly shaven Andrew "Skip" Ridderhoff, ditching the George Clooney look for a more youthful appearance!!.,....later that arvo saw a heavy crew at small cut including Marty Clark, fresh from a near catastrophic disaster the day before making headlines in the local paper.... you see Marty and the Waka-Arma crew thought it would be an awesome idea to catch a 6 foot bomb behind the back of Haulashore Island but then they all got chucked out and had to be rescued by coastguard to which Marty added "its pretty cold without a wetsuit".. Rumour also of some great waves going down at Rabbit Island sunday evening,,,
(above) This can be wherever you want it to be!!

The charts are still looking super-active and it wont be long before the next swell is upon us,
Until then, keep warm ........

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