Friday, July 30, 2010

Olin sells his soul.....

-Due to the imminent arrival of my second grommet this weekend and being unable to physically bare the thought of missing out on the promised swell
I’m selling all my surf gear and taking up tarp surfing in the backyard.
Nah, not really, but I do have several surplus sets of FCS fins for sale, “cheap cheap, morning price for good luck!”
1x set of G-AM’s
1x set of G-3000’s with K-Fin centre
1x set of K2.1 K-Fins

All above $30 a set

1x set of G-L side biters (ie just the sides)


1x right G-PR on its own.


Check out the fcs website for all the info you could ever want.

G3000’s larger version of G1000’s, good grommet or small wave fins.

G-L’s are extra small, suitable as side biters on your mal etc.

For sale only under the following terms;
These are not brand new fins, have been used.
The K-Fins will not make you surf like Slater.

Email, text (021 138 5736) or catch me in the car park or around the traps if interested.

Will wait a week or so, then post them on Trade-me



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