Monday, August 2, 2010

Lets get down to business!!

(above) The Glen, pushing the 8ft envelope.
-Big Sunday: The 1st day of August bought us the biggest frothiest surf weve seen in a while with the first real northerly storm weve had in months. The keen/crazy few headed over and tackled the cut with the highlight being Jim Tyson getting smashed off the ledge no once but twice with the second attempt resulting in a momentary knockout. This left Jim rattled and along with Jackson Gregory and Marco the young grommets were left humbled as they watched the bigger boys with hoods pull into some heaving wombs. Hooded crew included myself, James Laird , Olin Pilcher and Rob Holmes, who were both expecting babies at any minute and had to keep checking their cellphones after every wave. Julian Clark was missing despite rumours of his big wave prowess scoffing at people surfing 1foot Snappers. The grommets ended up scoring waves on the back of the island on the return journey and the swell just kept getting bigger culminating at around 3 oclock in the arvo with solid 8ft wind waves out in the middle of the bay with the spit breaking out past the cut !!!!

(above): Russ reaching for the heavens.
-Monday Morning: The much anticipated monday morning aftermath was classicly over-called by swell forecasters as the overnight wind speed did nothing but shear the top off the swell leaving a confused messy windswell in the 2-4ft range.
Some fun waves were had at Snappers as well as over the hills with the morning session dominated by Scott Edwards facial expressions and Jamie 'mini' Sumner's horizon paddle.

(above) Steve Brown, pig in mud.
Highlights from the Snappers session monday morning from the hearsay were Russ Bruce taking it apart along with Conal Parkes and Stephen Brown revelling in the fact that half the usual crew were elsewhere. Keni Duke made an appearance despite his own rumours of being sick and poor Rachel Hills also down with a bout of the flu forced herself to sit and take photos. What a legend!
-Afternoon and after school sesh was a full on grom-fest and was great to see the young crew braving the winter temperatures. Gavin Stoned laughed at the cold in his brand new PychoFreak and Jimmy Mckay wrestled his beast of a board like Steve Irwin on a croc!!

(above):Sometimes you've really got to wonder.
*Photos courtesy of Rachel Hills and Jonathon Shone

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