Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quickfire Update..

Aloha surf-nazi's and fellow frothers alike.... heading towards the end of another week and the weekend warrior swell cycle continues with what looks like the 3rd consecutive weekend swell due to hit tommorow. Realistically you gotta love the warmer northerly airflow and lack of frosts as it seems we may almost bypass winter this year as we head toward spring. The La-nina weather pattern currently influencing our conditions is forecast to last right up to the end of the year so lets hope it does and continues its swell producing form. With that verbal spill I shall now run straight into some good old fashioned,,, Rumour and Gossip Mill.....
>>Which bloodnut Nelson college grommet gets a new wettie to last him through winter only to snap his foot skateboarding??? and who is his mate who goes for scenic drives in the wilderness with his girlfriend whilst the surf is on???>>>Who wears 5 wetsuits but at least has a flash surfboard??>>>Who is the super ripper from Titahi bay seen blowing up at snappers and Tahunanui beach??.(oh hang on its wellington boardrider Brandon Kingi!!)>>>What makes the Hira shop a hangout for gays and cross-dressers?? and last but not least....... who is the wellington metroid/former nelson surfer who just flys down to Nelson for one particular session...???

-Anyhow folks have a great weekend its obviously gonna be good because Geoff Noble is heading to Kaikoura and we all know what happens when Geoff goes to Kaikoura.....!!.
I look forward to a few photos being produced,,,,looks like a good day or two for it!!

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