Saturday, August 14, 2010

Outside Squares and Funny Photos.....

(above): Snappers Point, Nelson.
A few chunky lines over the past couple of days and a couple of interesting missions going down... So I hear!!Friday saw the closure of rocks road around midday with some massive sets rolling through the cut. Scotty Edwards snapping his board and Leif Christenson offering moral support as a random hero paddled for help with Josh Hamilton chipping in with some handy media skills. (see photos below)!!
(above): Rocks Road Full Noise
A good swell Saturday with some raw Snappers keeping everyone paddling whilst elsewhere James Laird fell out of some bombs at Low Tide Cut whilst Frosty Paddlestick surfed 200metre long rights at the Lighthouse. Rumours of stand up tubes elsewhere unsubstantiated

(above): Sequence of events.

*Special Thanks to Josh Hamilton and Dave Duncan (harbour master)

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