Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spring is in the Air !!

"Spring is in the air" - Literally!! : After a leisurely paddle in the middle of the day yesterday I was horrified to see the amount of pollen in the air as it hung around in yellow clouds over the back of Hira and Rabbit Island. Daffodils are up, Camelias dropping flowers what a great early start to Spring made more enjoyable by the fact that there is very little snow and the water,, well..... Its not even that cold!!!
Last sunday saw one of the best sessions of the year going down at Snappers with the swell holding true overnight and at first light was basically "as good as it gets" with sets in the solid 4ft plus range literally barreling all the way through to the shore. The session made all the more enjoyable because it was Grommet-Free after the various college balls the night before!!
A couple of Christchurch blow-ins were definately gobsmacked and everyone basically surfed themselves to death. Barry Fitgerald and Rich Barry getting the lefts all to themselves having their own little private pipeline masters!!

To top it all off monday still had a mild 2ft pulse then amazingly the swell jacked again on tuesday to 4ft and stuck around in the 2-3ft range on wednesday bringing the swell count to 6 whole days in a row of quality waves in Nelson.

Surf City, we love ya.....

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