Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here comes Santa!

Congratulations to everyone that sat through what must have truly been one of Nelsons longest flat spells ever! It seems the theory of relativity is about to work in true fashion as every action has an equal and opposite reaction with the weather maps starting to line up almost dreamlike for the festive season. infact, one could almost become suspicious that someone out there is playing a cruel sick joke on us poor Nelson surfers!!!
Now, touching wood and not giving too much else away I decided to flick back through the photo albums and put up some classic photos to wet our apettites.

Just a quick note that Dean and Matt Duncan have opened a new skatehop in Hardy Street near Everyman Records, be sure to pop in and say G'day as the boys have opened right in the heart of Nelsons prime time retail boiling pot~!!

Rumour Mill:
>>Which Delaware Bay local sleeps through the glassy morning session eventually awoken by his brother because the internet told him it was going to be flat the night before despite basically being able to see and hear the surf from his house???!!>>Who is the local surfer/artist who once again leaves town right when the surf begins to pump??!!>>>Which Wakefield surfer likes to surf right in front of the carpark at Snappers just so everyone can see him and he can be closer to the smell of the ponds??...and last but not least, the "hand-board bandit" has been sighted so beware of talking heads!!!,,,

Santa Claus is coming to town and this time he's bringing a surfboard.

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