Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why have a Club??

The question in the title of this post "why have a club?", is quite a simple one really and the answer is currently being perfectly illustrated over the way in good old Blenheim. Agricultural (eg: vineyards, dairy farms) in the greater Blenheim/Marlborough/Awatere Valley areas have successfully won permission to semi-dam the Wairou River to conserve water for livestock and crops thus reducing the outflow of water to the sea. This will have a devastating effect on 2 local surfbreaks in the area but the proposal will steamroll ahead despite protest from Forest and Bird and a couple of minority groups. You see its all about numbers and having a voice as a group of individuals with common interest. Im not saying that a bunch of surfers would have been able to stop this development but a larger group of protesting individuals from different angles may have had a leg to stand on. (above): No More??

How does this relate to Nelson??, there has been a couple of near misses for the local surfbreak over the last couple of decades none of which I will go into now but one thing to watch importantly in the news right now is the problems they are having with the sewerage settlement ponds at Snappers. I was stunned yesterday to see a dfozen or more men in white "nuclear" coveralls patrolling the area and hand releasing buckets of chlorine out of an aluminium dinghy into the ponds.
Without scare-mongering it wouldnt take much to call the whole area major health risk and shut the gate at the main road. Something to think about and as always I welcome your opinions, voices and concerns so please feel free as I will publish nearly anything!!!
Sometimes its not just about flash cars and cool stickers.
Jokes aside,
Many Thanks.

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  1. Kool Now i understand more ... yeahhh NELSON BOARDRIDER..PAULO HERE ...KEEP IT NATIVE


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