Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to the Grind!

Good morning peoples and as the title of this post suggests its back to business for most of us as we unwillingly settle back into our daily routine after a warm and generous silly season.
Waves? what waves? is basically the theme set at the moment as we seem to be once again stuck between a large chain link of high pressure systems.
Keeping things exciting,, "Blenheim Boardriders" are go with Hamish Simpson and Mike"Ratty""Lindstrom re-developing the club after it faded away through the late nineties. Bleneheim Boardriders are now officially affiliated with SISA and we look forward to some good old fashioned Top of the South rivalry along with some comradery at the same time!! Im sure that together with Nelson we can put it to the more "known" surf clubs of the South Island Circuit!!

Keeping on the subject the OCEANA GOLD "Go for Gold" Contest is set to roll in Greymouth on February 25/26 so check out www.sisa.co.nz for details and entry forms.

Keeping it "clubby" Nelson Boardriders would like to and need to hold a club meeting in the near future to discuss direction and projections!! and we look forward to some suggestions for host venue details etc etc.

Yibbida Yibbida Thats all Folks....

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