Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snappers Carpark Re-Surfaced!! / Club News!!

Thats right folks, once again the club funds have been put to good use with approx 30 cubic metres of AP40 gravel spread across the carpark out at Snaps. With such a good response from people after the last drop it was only natural that 8 months down the track we got it done again before winter sets in. Although quite coarse under foot this allows for quick fast drainage and deters munters in cars trying to do donuts and burnouts as this will most likely wreck their cv joints in one foul swoop!!
Special thanks goes to our mate Lyall from Burgess&Crowley who really went out of his way to spread the stuff. Obviously thanks also goes to Burgess&Crowley themselves and keeping it local the gravel is cut from the backside of Mackays Bluff off the Cable Bay Road!!!
(above): "My Grandmother can surf better than you!!!"

In other club news Andy McDonald and his team at "WetKiwi" have jumped onboard the NelsonBoardriders train and Andy currently has a bunch of fashion design students in Auckland fighting over a design for a club t-shirt.We look forward to the result with all members of the club recieving T-shirts at incredibly discounted prices.
An end of Summer "Club Meeting/BBQ" will be held on March 12th with an actual sit down discussion lets call it an AGM at 3pm sharp with BBQ and Carry on to follow.
Members will be emailed location location.

(above): Dont stop till' you drop!!

(above): Sorry mate but there had to be a sequel!!

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