Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Postcard from Conal

How "s it going, It"s good reading your blog site & catching all the surf news from home. Hopefully you score some waves soon but summer is the season for travel.

Enjoyed the cyclone story/photo's and while you write bout graveling the car park with a eye ahead to the wet season here I am on the coast of the driest desert in the world. Arica has not had rain for years, the area is one big sand pit. We have travelled up the coast of Chile from Pichilemu scoring waves along the way. From Coqumbo surfed Totoraillilo Bay which was a fun small right. At Chanaral a small coastal town besides experiencing our 5th earthquake, the biggest been 7.1, I surfed Porto Fino while another right it had more size and punch to it. In Iquique got to surf a city break i5 minutes walk from our accommodation.

(above): Not Conal slipping into a heavy Arica slab.
Enjoyed our days here and the break, a fast breaking left, either gives you a drop into oblivion or a adrenalin filled ride out on to the shoulder.Getting a wave was a challenge with all the bogie boarders ruling the roost. I have seen my fare share of broken boards from Pichilemu to Arica and 2 more were broken in my time here. I surfed El Gringo in Aroca yesterday and will spend a couple more days surfing the break made (in)famous a couple of years back with the ASP Rip Curl Search contest. Certainly conditions are not the same but surfing a 4ft left. While surfing there yesterday the tow in surfers headed off down the coast on their jet skis, no doubt with local knowledge finding bigger options on the open coast.

Hi to everyone !!! -Conal

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